Exhibiting Collectors.....

And so...we've come to that time when things are beginning to happen...and fast! We've had some fantastically wierd, wonderful and often obscure submissions from all over the U.K, and after careful consideration and musings about just how to represent the wonderfully eccentric world of the diversity of personal collections, we are pleased to announce the following people (and their collections) will be a part of creating The Collective's exhibition:

Bernie Vinton, 
Bryan Eccleshall www.bryaneccleshall.co.uk
Carolyn Arnold  www.carolynarnold.co.uk 
Daniel Paton, www.paulopatoni.co.uk
David Foggo, www.davidfoggo.co.uk
David McNab,
Des Fullerton,
Ephemeral Incident, 
Gill Holt,
Ian Smith,
Jennifer Cooper, www.jenny-cooper.co.uk
Jim Cooke,
Kieran Fawcett,
Lauren Hudson, www.worksofhudson.blogspot.com
Lucy Axon, www.lucyaxon.tripod.com
Paul Matosic, www.matosic.org.uk
Rachael Bond, www.rachaelbondphotography.co.uk
Rosie O'Driscoll, www.rosieodriscoll.tumblr.com
Samantha Francis, www.samfrancisco0.blogspot.com
Samuel Lindupp,
Tony Eastman, www.tigermuseum.com

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